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WAN Accelerators use a few key technologies such as compression, direct caching, pattern matching, etc. to better the network performance. In Compression method, these devices eliminate surplus unnecessary data from the communication stream, thereby reducing the size of data packets that are being transmitted and received. Direct Caching is a technique used by a WAN Accelerator where replication of the data traffic passing over a WAN circuit is taken. The data that has already passed through the circuit will not be sent again. The transmitting WAN Accelerator informs the receiving WAN Accelerator about the data and then the receiving WAN Accelerator retrieves the information from the cached memory. This working is similar to that of an Internet Proxy server.

As technology takes a new dimension, these techniques are further improvised. An enhanced technique than direct caching emerged – Pattern Matching. Certain technology vendors have devised methods to categorize data passing through a WAN Accelerator. The data instead of being transmitted as such is substituted for a key based on that particular pattern recognizable by the receiving WAN Accelerator. It is then aligned in the correct data pattern at the receiving link. This task is carried out in small amounts of data. Advanced WAN Accelerators enable WAN Optimization acceleration through inserting data packets into the communication stream at the far side of the link for the client to view. This substantially increases speed. By such a technique as this, a WAN accelerator might be able to insert 1MB of data into a 20 byte stream, and accelerate performance.