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WAN Deduplication

Benefits of WAN Deduplication

Deduplication helps to reduce the cost of storage as only fewer disks will be needed. By employing this technique, there will be much lesser data to transfer over the WAN for purposes of replication, disaster recovery, and remote backups. This results in shortening of backup and recovery time. Longer Recovery Time Objective (RTO) is achieved through the optimal use of disk space, which allows longer disk retention periods. It also substantially brings down the necessity for tape backups.

Types of WAN Deduplication

In order to identify duplicate data segments, the data deduplication process is dependent on cryptographic has functions. One disadvantage is that if a collision happens, the result would be loss of data. Technology vendors have developed various solutions to address this problem. Data deduplication has become a leading technology process and many vendors including Virtual Tape Library (VTL) vendors are placing it on demand.