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Information can be compressed to the maximum extent using graphic image file formats. Graphic image compression is categorized as Lossy compression and Lossless compression. While there is the possibility of permanently losing some information in lossy compression, with lossless compression all information can be restored. Lossless data compression is used when there is the need for the data to be exact when decompressed. Text files that cannot afford to lose out a single character apply this technique. Lossless data compression methods are also applied for archiving and storing images, video/audio, and other major sources. Lossy compression on the other hand, does not focus on yielding the exact data, rather tries to give the uncompressed data in an acceptable average quality.

Among the types of Compression that is used on Computer systems and hard disk, the major three types are: Utility-based Compression, Operating System File Compression, and Volume Compression. The other Compression methods other than data compression include Audio compression, Video compression, File compression, and other forms pertaining to usage.